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19 November 2009 @ 06:51 pm
☆ 2009.11.19  
I really tried to stay away but, alas it's happened again. I'm drowning among dramas! To sum things up (and feel free to add):

You're Beautiful: Who isn't watching this one? ♥ Incredibly addictive but pity about the ratings.
Creating Destiny: I adore Eugene and actor Kim Tae Young who plays Kim Yeo Joon is a cutie so definitely had to check this one out. I've only started watching and it seems good enough although many are saying they prefer Smile, You over this? Ah well, so far it's keeping me entertained, like in order to find out if his son is gay or not, Kim Yeo Joon's father takes him to a public bath to make sure xD!
Smile, You: This one seems to be a big favorite and after seeing and hearing so many good things about this one, I'll give in (and Chunderella is in it!). The length of the drama looks rather daunting though (46 episodes!).
Hero: Jun Ki's comeback! Only just aired yesterday and yes it was on my definitely to watch list. Makes me sad that Han Ji Min wasn't able to stay. Nonetheless, I'm really hoping it does well.
Temptation Of An Angel: The darn drama just sounds so angst-ridden but it's Bae Soo Bin's (Jun Se!♥) leading role and he just sizzles. Check him out sizzling in November's issue of Singles -- [001] & [002]. The man is just so gorgeous!

Liar Game Season 2: Yes, I'm a Liar Game fan ..Well more like Matsuda Shota. I always, one way or the other end up watching his dramas. That man is so interesting.
Tokyo DOGS: Oguri Shun & Hiro ♥ I mean come on. This was on everyone's To Watch list ever since it was announced.
JIN: Hearing so much about this one and the ratings are only rising. I really need to make time to watch this right now.
Shokojo Seira: This one piqued my interest. Will have to find time to watch this.
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onbe ♥: heaven's postmanonbe on December 3rd, 2009 04:31 am (UTC)
Yes, I'm a Liar Game fan ..Well more like Matsuda Shota. I always, one way or the other end up watching his dramas. That man is so interesting.
Totally agree! XD

I am so excited about Tokyo Dogs too! I still can't believe these two are going to act together. *HAPPY* <3

Hmm, JIN looks interesting. I like Ayase Haruka so I might check it out. Let me know if when you start watching it.

And yay! Another lead role for Shida Mirai! I'm definitly watching Shokojo Seira. *needs a new hard drive*

I finished watching You're Beautiful and I don't like the ending. The drama as a whole is fun but the last episode didn't make me happy. :(

I'm watching Autumn's Concerto. It is a little predictable but somehow very entertaining. Vaness is not a brilliant actor but he is decent enough. I haven't watched a TW drama in a while so it's a nice change I guess.

Samurai High School is on my list to watch as well. :D
nat: 最悪で最高のパートナー // 「東京DOGS」moonangelkioku on December 4th, 2009 11:59 am (UTC)
It's the perfect partnership with Tokyo Dogs! And the fact that it's ridiculously one fantastic drama 8D

Will definitely let you know about JIN. I'll probably start it this weekend :)

Shida Mirai was great in Seigi no Mikata. She looks all grown up now! LOL new HD for Christmas? I need any kind of space myself xD;

I've been putting off the last episode of YB :\ I can't bear it to end but I guess I should go watch. Hmm .. you know, the Hong Sisters have been ending their dramas in pretty strange ways now that I think about it =_=

I jump into TW dramas once in a while ..the last one was probably Fated To Love You? xD Autumn's Concerto's does sound pretty good :)

oh yea, Samurai High! Let me know how that goes when you get to it ;D