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19 November 2009 @ 06:51 pm
☆ 2009.11.19  
I really tried to stay away but, alas it's happened again. I'm drowning among dramas! To sum things up (and feel free to add):

You're Beautiful: Who isn't watching this one? ♥ Incredibly addictive but pity about the ratings.
Creating Destiny: I adore Eugene and actor Kim Tae Young who plays Kim Yeo Joon is a cutie so definitely had to check this one out. I've only started watching and it seems good enough although many are saying they prefer Smile, You over this? Ah well, so far it's keeping me entertained, like in order to find out if his son is gay or not, Kim Yeo Joon's father takes him to a public bath to make sure xD!
Smile, You: This one seems to be a big favorite and after seeing and hearing so many good things about this one, I'll give in (and Chunderella is in it!). The length of the drama looks rather daunting though (46 episodes!).
Hero: Jun Ki's comeback! Only just aired yesterday and yes it was on my definitely to watch list. Makes me sad that Han Ji Min wasn't able to stay. Nonetheless, I'm really hoping it does well.
Temptation Of An Angel: The darn drama just sounds so angst-ridden but it's Bae Soo Bin's (Jun Se!♥) leading role and he just sizzles. Check him out sizzling in November's issue of Singles -- [001] & [002]. The man is just so gorgeous!

Liar Game Season 2: Yes, I'm a Liar Game fan ..Well more like Matsuda Shota. I always, one way or the other end up watching his dramas. That man is so interesting.
Tokyo DOGS: Oguri Shun & Hiro ♥ I mean come on. This was on everyone's To Watch list ever since it was announced.
JIN: Hearing so much about this one and the ratings are only rising. I really need to make time to watch this right now.
Shokojo Seira: This one piqued my interest. Will have to find time to watch this.
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bumbleberribumbleberri on November 20th, 2009 07:21 am (UTC)
yah for dramas~
YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL!!! I'm definitely with you on that one!
haha I don't really care about the ratings though :D As long as I know that everyone really loves this drama <3 and that it
s keeping me hooked with the story lol...ilu jang geun suk :P this is actually the first kdrama where I'm totally liking all the characters and no one is really getting on my nerves like in the other dramas...

oh yeah! thanks for reminding me about shokojo seira..i have to get back on that one xD probably when I'm not too busy though.. A Little Princess is one of my top all-time favorite books!
nat: 엣지있게~♥ // 미남이시네요moonangelkioku on November 20th, 2009 07:34 am (UTC)
Re: yah for dramas~
Your icon :O! Meteor Garden! I really liked it! :x
They should just not count ratings for some dramas I swear .. it's become an unfair system ;;

LOL but ... what about Uee? She didn't drive you insane yet? She's so good at being evil =_=! but yes, YAB is love!♥
bumbleberribumbleberri on November 21st, 2009 02:53 am (UTC)
Re: yah for dramas~
haha meteor shower, you mean? ^^ That show was unexpected good! :) My favorite out of F4/H4 was Shangguan Rui Xian (cuz he's so adorable and funny), who's you favorite character? I know a lot of ppl are into the other guys of H4, but I totally have a soft spot for shang guan :D
And the main girl was awesome!

LOL yeah...hmm about UEE, well...honestly, she did irritate me a little, but the only one person who I always find myself skipping her scenes is TK's mom :P oooh she was definitely one of the worst mothers I've seen...
I can't wait for episode 15 now! haha it's going to be pretty dramatic probably though, with so many secrets being revealed...
nat: 트랙걸 // 윤은혜moonangelkioku on November 27th, 2009 05:09 am (UTC)
lol I definitely meant Meteor Shower ...may brain was thinking of all the different versions that's why T_T

Shangguan Rui Xian was a cutie! His acting was good and I instant grew to like him :) ...and there's Ye Shuo too. Although in the beginning Ye Shuo was annoying me with his I-KNOW-ALL attitude xD (The actor Wei Chen is a hottie).

My absolute favorite turns out to be Murong Yunhai though. I just can't help it T_T

haha Poor Tae Kyung having to deal with a mother like that ... we all hated her. Have you finished watching yet? I can't believe You're Beautiful already has come to an end T_T It's surreal.
Lena: • Mukai Osamuha_neul on November 20th, 2009 01:51 pm (UTC)
All those dramas are on my to-watch-list too XD I watched the first episode of Hero though (a must watch for me cause of Jun Ki xD). But they all sound really good, so I'm excited to watch them whenever I get time.

I really need to find more time to start watching them. I'm trying to finish dramas that aired 2008 and earlier, but it's taking so long ;_; And the drama list for 2009 is only growing and growing :|
nat: versatile // 松田翔太moonangelkioku on November 20th, 2009 08:19 pm (UTC)
LOL It's so good to have Junki back again :D

There were a few good dramas in 2008 too yea? Some I gave up on and some I need to finish too.

And that's what's driving me up the wall -- no time and the drama list keeps growing! Such a deadly ... hobby?
enidseraenidsera on November 22nd, 2009 03:07 am (UTC)
haha i agree with you about Liar Game 2. i seem to be watching more for him! but i do hope they finally figure out who is behind it. my only gripe is that they drag things in every episode. i mean, do you really need 2 episodes just to finish one round of a game?!
nat: 風早 // 「君に届け」moonangelkioku on November 27th, 2009 04:56 am (UTC)
lol! yea, that was problem in the first season too :/ They explain every little detail, including the easy things! -_- Sometimes I don't mind if it's Shota doing the explaining 8D

How have you been btw! :)
enidseraenidsera on November 27th, 2009 05:04 am (UTC)
hahaha every excuse to hear his voice ^^

i've been okay, trying to juggle work. seems like more and more things just keep happening in the company, changes that affect so much. at the same time trying to juggle finances and school :( going to do my degree in Communication early next year while I work. big crazy step! hoping everything falls into place.

how about you?
nat: 風早 // 「君に届け」moonangelkioku on December 4th, 2009 12:04 pm (UTC)
Oh wow, good luck with your degree! :)

And I share your pain when it comes to juggling finances, work and school altogether which is pretty much what I'm doing right now. Everything requires money, money, money -sigh-
enidseraenidsera on December 4th, 2009 03:19 pm (UTC)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-OutgrEf76g have you seen this commercial of him? OOZING CHARM. ok skinny but still. hehehehe.

sigh yes money is the root of all problems, if it wasn't for it i think life would be much easier. can't wait for christmas break, need a breather from work, school and life. everything is getting so hard lately @_@
nat: 핑; 너의 마법에 점점 걸리고 있어 // 클래지콰이moonangelkioku on December 4th, 2009 10:52 pm (UTC)
omg yes, 細マッチョ! He knows how to work his skinny-ness :D

Money definitely is evil. Just take things one at a time? :| Stay strong! T_T But yes, Christmas break coming soon and then a new, hopefully better, year starts.
onbe ♥: heaven's postmanonbe on December 3rd, 2009 04:31 am (UTC)
Yes, I'm a Liar Game fan ..Well more like Matsuda Shota. I always, one way or the other end up watching his dramas. That man is so interesting.
Totally agree! XD

I am so excited about Tokyo Dogs too! I still can't believe these two are going to act together. *HAPPY* <3

Hmm, JIN looks interesting. I like Ayase Haruka so I might check it out. Let me know if when you start watching it.

And yay! Another lead role for Shida Mirai! I'm definitly watching Shokojo Seira. *needs a new hard drive*

I finished watching You're Beautiful and I don't like the ending. The drama as a whole is fun but the last episode didn't make me happy. :(

I'm watching Autumn's Concerto. It is a little predictable but somehow very entertaining. Vaness is not a brilliant actor but he is decent enough. I haven't watched a TW drama in a while so it's a nice change I guess.

Samurai High School is on my list to watch as well. :D
nat: 最悪で最高のパートナー // 「東京DOGS」moonangelkioku on December 4th, 2009 11:59 am (UTC)
It's the perfect partnership with Tokyo Dogs! And the fact that it's ridiculously one fantastic drama 8D

Will definitely let you know about JIN. I'll probably start it this weekend :)

Shida Mirai was great in Seigi no Mikata. She looks all grown up now! LOL new HD for Christmas? I need any kind of space myself xD;

I've been putting off the last episode of YB :\ I can't bear it to end but I guess I should go watch. Hmm .. you know, the Hong Sisters have been ending their dramas in pretty strange ways now that I think about it =_=

I jump into TW dramas once in a while ..the last one was probably Fated To Love You? xD Autumn's Concerto's does sound pretty good :)

oh yea, Samurai High! Let me know how that goes when you get to it ;D
berry_tallcake: mmm; torres >> liverpool #9berry_tallcake on December 12th, 2009 05:42 am (UTC)
NATNAT ♥~~~ thank you for the snowflake cookie :3 i received it when i was in Japan, it is such a pleasant surprise!

aaanddd, i wanna say thank you for this awesome drama list you have here! it is such a good guide for the mountain of dramas i want/need to watch now that life is good ;D
nat: 最悪で最高のパートナー // 「東京DOGS」moonangelkioku on December 14th, 2009 08:51 am (UTC)
You're very welcome ♥ I just had to send you one :D I should probably send you real ones since you're always the one sending me yummy goodies xD

haha I'm glad. Let me know if you start watching any of these, it'll be great to see what you think!

btw, I hope the land of the Tohoshinkirising sun is/was fun?! :)
supajosupajo on December 17th, 2009 01:40 pm (UTC)
You're Beautiful - Has gotta be the next phenomenon after BOF. I watched a little but haven't been keeping up here and there.. :D Somehow i didn't get hooked to it as much as i was for BOF >.> Maybe i'm the only oddball XD

Creating Destiny - I love Eugene and watched it for her akshully.. :D I interviewed one of the character's of the show when he was on a visit to SG. He's a hoot! One of the older ahjussi! But my interest in the drama has kinda waned off :/ its a cliche plot.. I'll skip a couple eps and still manage to catch on even with the missing eps :x

Smile, You: Has gotta be the rare gem amongst the rest. It's really heartwarming and the love story between the main characters! OTP! <3 Plus chunderella!!!! I'm really adoring lee min jung with each passing second!

Hero: :D I'm watching this! For junki's sake and the plot! What's not to love of cracknuts setting up their own news agency? :D The first few eps were not too bad. I've not progressed beyond ep 3 though, honestly :p

TOA: o_o it's a melodrama right? Haven't watched any of it, tempted though. But if its melodramatic enough i think i'll.. quit >.>

Liar Game: YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. THIS THIS THIS IS WHAT I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR. But i've yet to watch it proper. NO TIMEEEE. *pulls hair* i majorly <3 matsuda shota btw. Ever since HYD :D


JIN: I need to watch this too. Just need to find time.

Shokojo Seira: I've been watching this. This was adapted from a storybook if i'm not wrong and i've read the drama. I'm a fan of shida mirai and her acting's pretty good. But idk, what's not hooking me to it. Maybe cos i already know what's gonna happen -_-

BTW NAT. Two more for you check out!

1) Will it snow on christmas? OMG. PLEASE WATCH THIS SO THAT WE CAN RAVE AND STAB OUR HEARTS OUT TOGETHER. I've not seen something as good (only on ep 4) or as melodramatic (in a good way) after.. uh autumn in my heart? Hahaha -can't think of anything else on hand- But yes, please watch it! I think you'll love it despite the heart pangs and such.

2) A taiwanese drama called 'Shanghai Sweetheart' Omg nat, you have to see this too! ITS A HOOT WITH SHOW LUO & RAINIE YANG. Show's character is so ugly and nerdy it cracks me up each time he's onscreen. Hahahaha. It's undeniably one of the better Taiwanese dramas this year :D And oh btw, i've watched Black & White and would totally rec it to you! Have you seen it yet? :D

OMG :x sorry for long comment.. XDDDD <3
Miss you much nat! :)

nat: 最悪で最高のパートナー // 「東京DOGS」moonangelkioku on December 18th, 2009 11:12 pm (UTC)
LOL you're the queen of dramas 8D♥

You're Beautiful was addicting but I wasn't tempted enough to say ... stay up and watch it live (like our BOF days) LOL so no worries Jojo-ness xD Maybe we're just growing out of these type of dramas? :| or sleep is more precious

Oh wow, one of the Creating Destiny actors? Did you interview the one playing Eugene's father? I love his comedic acting :D -sigh- I really didn't want to say this but you're right, Creating Destiny is a little ...slow? I keep watching waiting for the main characters to do something T_T

Smile You is wow. I'm amazed how many times I end up laughing out loud with that one! Min Jung's acting is so normal isn't it? -- as in she seems so perfect for the role. oh oh! And I love Chunderella's storyline with his gangsta counterpart xD

I've stopped for a little bit with Hero too T_T But many people are saying it gets better after a while so I'll probably watch a couple more eps in one go.

I haven't touched Temptation Of An Angel yet xD Will probably end up checking it out when the series is complete. If you do check it out let me know how it goes :D

LOL omg yes, watch Liar Game now! but but ... watch JIN FIRST! GUH.SO.GOOD. I guess it features my favorite elements in a drama that's why I'm completely in love with it *_* It's just a little different than your normal drama so it's quite refreshing. It's a bit of a tearjerker in the beginning (and it's the male protagonist doing the crying) ...but not as bad compared to Shokojo Seira. My god, I shed buckets of tears with that one.

LOL yep, it's adapted from a fairytale I think? Will you believe that I've never read the original book? I think I'm the only one alive that hasn't. I have no idea how it's eluded me either.

Yay recommendations! 8D♥ wow, Will It Snow On Christmas is that good? I was going back and fourth deciding if I should watch it but now I guess I will.

I have Black & White (totally got it b/c of Vic Zhou 8D) but I just need to sit down and finally watch it! Good to know it's good :D

And I didn't even hear about Shanghai Sweetheart o_o Rainie?! OK, that one's on my To-Watch now! LOLOL and I just looked up photos of it. It looks hilarious. Thank you Jojo-ness~! :D